Dear list,

I regret to inform you that there has been a very very tragic death in
my family this weekend. Last night my mom called me and told me that
my oldest step sister died under extremely tragic circomstances. At
this point in time the police are ruling it out is a suicide. To say
that this comes as a shocking suprise for the family and is very sad
is an understatement.

Although, my step sister and I were never close I still feel sad and
extremely disappointed in how she chose to end her life. I feel
extremely sorry for my neace who will be cellibrating this and every
other Christmas without her mother. I also feel deeply sorry for my
step father who lost a daughter, and my surviving step sisters who
lost one of their sisters. For them Christmas will never ever be the
same. For those of you who have faith in a religious background please
pray for them in this time of morning and grief. Also pray for my step
sister that perhaps she can find happiness in death that she never
could in this life time. Moreover, never forget to tell your closest
ffriends, family, and other loved ones that you love them. Remember
that there is nothing more precious than life, and that no matter how
bad life gets at times that taking your own life without a good cause
is the greatest tragity of all.

Finally, I wish to leave you with something that I learned from this
experience. Remember to forgive those who have wronged you, and try to
make, if possible, peace with everyone that you can. Especially, those
who are your family and friends. Nothing is more tragic than what
happened in my sisters' case.

I'm not going to get into details and specifics, but one thing I can
say is that my oldest sister was troubled. In her death she left
behind a lot of unsettled arguments with my step father, my younger
step sisters, her grandparents, and things were said in the heat of
the moment to each other that can never be taken back or settled in
this life time. My youngest step sister, for example, vowed never to
see my oldest step sister again in this life time, and now, of course,
she never will. My youngest step sister has to live with the guilt of
allowing her personal feelings get in the way of making peace with her
sister when she could have. Moreover, she now realises she wasn't
there for her sister when she went over the emotional brink and took
her own life when she needed her family, her loved ones,  more than

So the lesson I want to pass on to each and every single one of you is
don't let your anger, your personal differences, etc go so far that
you have to live each and every day of your life regretting the things
you have said and done. Make your peace while you have time, and tell
those you love that you love them. Let them know you care regardless
of how angry you might be at them. You will never know when tomorrow
is simply too late to say, "I'm sorry. I love you."

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