Oh, yeah? Well, anything that secure, finger print scan, DNA
identification, etc included is just looking to be cracked by its very
nature. One thing Josh totally missed in his security/registration
scheme is how to protect the binary itself from being reverse
engineered. Unless a developer uses some sort of binary encryption
tool, which in of itself is not 100% full proof, a developer such as
myself can run program.exe through a disassembler and convert it to
assembly. Once I do that all I need do is find the
security/authentication code and disable it. "Oops! I cracked it

That's my entire point. Unless you go to extreme lengths to make your
program "as secure as it can be" someone somewhere will be able to
crack it no matter what you do. In the mean time the honest paying
customer will have to suffer with your security scheme which might be
complicated and/or be impractical to implement network wide etc. At
what point does a developer forget about the needs of his/her
customers and start thinking just about their bottom line?

On 12/21/10, Yohandy <yohand...@gmail.com> wrote:
> rofl. hey, at least it's as full proof as it can get. haha.

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