So without getting too deep into it, I notice that noone's been commenting on Soul Calibur gameplay, I'm going to give a very brief, very short intro to this series...

Soul calibur is a 3d fighting series from namco... and the head honcho of weapons-based fighters. I won't go into the plot too much, but the gameplay is some of the deepest I've ever scene in a fighter. Controls aren't too hard. there are horrizontal and vertical slash buttons, a button for guard, and a button for kick. This, and the eight-way run system form the core of the game. Eight way run is where you can hold litterally any direction on the dpad, including up+back, up+forward, etc, and run in that direction whereas in most 3d fighters you can only sidestep in addition to moving forward and back. Each character has different attacks for their weapons, but very few would be considered special or super moves. There are no flashy 15 hit projectiles, nothing of that sort. Instead, the supernatural things are very limitted to short, flashy moves that should only be used in certain situations. Otherwise, different commands will give different slashes, thursts and cuts depending on the weapon of the character. Commands in soul calibur dispense with the fireball and dragon punch motions of Street Fighter. Simply holding back and pressing the vertical slash button will produce a different move than say holding down and forward simultaniously and pressing the same button. Combos in this game aren't huge.. it's more about figuring out what strikes will connect after others to form strings of attacks that the opponent can't blocked rather than complicated button inputs. As a result, this game generally has mostly 2 to 3 hit combos, the maximum hits being 5 that I've scene.

Well, there's a very, very basic explanation... for all the fighting game enthusiasts, if you have any more questions just post to the list. Or if you're just someone who wants to hear more about this system, feel free to do the same and I'll answer any questions.

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