Hi Kai,

In my current game Homer is running.  Say I use the variable h for where Homer 
is at.  So if Homer is running I do h = h +1.  So h is getting larger and 
larger as Homer runs.  I then have a series of if questions such as

if h > 123 then
start bird
end if
if h > 217 then
start chain saw
end if

How ever you also need to know if you have already started the bird or saw, so 
it is more like

if h > 123 and d = 0 then
start bird
d = 1
end if

I did a similar thing in Mach 1 tts in that the car was moving forward the 
amount of spaces of the speed of the car and I set up loop areas depending on 
the variable number of the cars place such as

cp = cp + speed
do straightaway stuff
if cp < 3000 then goto l1
cp = cp + speed
do curve stuff
if cp < 5000 then goto l2
cp = cp + speed
do straightaway stuff
if cp < 7000 then goto l3
cp = cp + speed
do curve stuff
if cp < 9000 then goto l4
cp = cp - 9000
goto l1

So that is a very simplified set up of how I did an oval track.

In my live action games I have a timing loop to keep everything from happening 
at once, so once every timing loop is when the h and cp variables get added to 

I really do not know how that works in BGT.




I like Visual Basic 6.0 because I can not C.

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