Oh, I think you are stretching things a bit. It wouldn't take that
much CPU power to run that type of security. For example, Microsoft
Sapi is not just speech output but can be used for speech recognition
too. Sapi 5.4, which comes with Windows 7, is actually pretty good for
speech recognition and dictation. I don't see why it couldn't be
included into a Windows application to add voice print security since
in order to setup Sapi 5.4 for dictation you have to train it to get
good recognition accuracy.

Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that Sapi 5.4 doesn't use up that
much system resources to do dictation. I've ran it successfully with
Jaws or Window-Eyes in the background. Why would voice print security
be any different?

As for the other stuff like finger print identification it would only
be needed to unlock the program etc. That would only be a few seconds.
It isn't something that would be constantly running in the background.
So again not exactly a huge hit to your CPU power.


On 12/22/10, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I like the voice print idea, the dna scanner in the finger print and
> the eye scanner sound good.
> But I wouldn't like my stuff recorded and I'd like a fallback on that
> maybe an emergency access or something?
> ofcause guys any thought on how much that would take to write?
> and all the power any idea how much processer power that stuff would use?
> Ok I guess the latest i series intels could handle it but the rest of
> us would use about 500% of our cpus to be secure.

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