This message is for phil and david, but I decided to post to the list as
others who have insight into this  are welcome to comment.
Hi Phil, David and list
Phil, some time ago when there was a super dogs bone hunt thread on the
list, you mentioned that with the g m A engine, free games can only have 1
level. My question to you, david and others, is this a bug in the g m A
engine or did you intend this to be like that, David?
I would like to give my input on the matter.
I am aware that thus far no developer has developed free games with more
than 1 level. Please don't misunderstand me, I am very happy with the free
games developed thus far.
David, I would just like to give you some feedback.
If Phil  or  someone purchased the license to use your engine, I think they
should be able to make free games with more than 1 level, lets  say 3 levels
Let's take phil's super dog bone hunt.
If this game were a 3 level free game:
Level1 is the normal bone hunting like it is currently.
Then level2 you have a little side scroller where you have to jump across
sleeping cats and fences and you have limited time to complete the level.
Then level3, you have to fight a boss battle with a furious giant cat by
trying to eat her before she can jump on super dog and scratch him with her
nails so much that he bleeds himself to death.
I hope you find my feedback helpful.
I think free games with say 3 levels max  will be  something new for the VI
community, but once again I am more than happy with the current free games.
I just wanted to know why the g m A engine allows only 1 level free games.
Happy developing and happy gaming.   

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