hello, here are my answers.

1. As a gamer how important is mouse support to you?

not much for standard gameplay, but if it were offering an alternate gameplay style or effect such as faster, more analogue targiting, then possible.

I however don't see the need to use a mouse in for instance bog standard walking left/right movements.

2. If supported would you consider purchasing a mouse with five or
more buttons for game input?

Maybe, however only if the 5 button mouse meant somethign important to the game as in the above answer.

3. What type of mouse device/devices do you currently own? (Such
answers may include: none, touch pad, USB optical mouse, wireless
optical mouse, PS2 standard mouse, trackball, etc.)

wireless mouse together with my wireless keyboard. My laptop also has a track pad.

4. How many buttons does your mouse device have? Is it a two button,
three button, five button, or eight button mouse?

bog standard 3 button, ie, two and a wheel.

5. Does your mouse device have a scroll wheel?


6. What do you think of the following input commands for a
side-scroller like Mysteries of the Ancients?

Menu Next: wheel forward
Menu Prier: wheel backward
Menu Select: left button

Climb Down: wheel backward
Climb Up: wheel forward
Jump Left: left button+mouse left
Jump Right: left button+mouse right
Jump Up: left button+mouse forward
Perform Action: middle button
Run Left: right button+mouse left
Run Right: right button+mouse right
Walk Left: mouse left
Walk Right: mouse right

I do not see the need for a mouse in a side scroller game unless it was performing some sort of analogue function, eg, 360 aiming around your character with a strafing weapon, or performing sword slashes at different angles.

so, not for Mota, ---- but a mouse controled light saber might be awsome!

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