On 1/8/2011 11:46 PM, Thomas Ward wrote:
Hi everyone,

This is a friendly notice to let everyone know what we are up to, and
to get a little feedback from those customers planning to purchase our
games. At the time being we at USA Games are involved in adding
multiple input devices to the Genesis 3D engine for Windows which will
include keyboard, mouse, and joystick support for all of our up and
coming Windows titles. For that reason we have just spent the past
week adding and debugging mouse support which will be available in
Mysteries of the Ancients beta 17 once we finalize that branch of the
code. Which brings us to some questions about your mouse setup and

1. As a gamer how important is mouse support to you?

I think it's always nice to have mouse support. I would love it.

2. If supported would you consider purchasing a mouse with five or
more buttons for game input?

Sure, why not? It's not like I could then only use it in this game, so I would do that.

3. What type of mouse device/devices do you currently own? (Such
answers may include: none, touch pad, USB optical mouse, wireless
optical mouse, PS2 standard mouse, trackball, etc.)

I have a Touch pad, a wireless, and a standard PS2 mouse.

4. How many buttons does your mouse device have? Is it a two button,
three button, five button, or eight button mouse?

The Touch pad has two, left and right click, the wireless has left, right and middle click.

5. Does your mouse device have a scroll wheel?

All do, except the touch pad which apparently has drivers to scroll at the most right hand side, but I could never get it to work.

6. What do you think of the following input commands for a
side-scroller like Mysteries of the Ancients?

Menu Next: wheel forward
Menu Prier: wheel backward
Menu Select: left button

Climb Down: wheel backward
Climb Up: wheel forward
Jump Left: left button+mouse left
Jump Right: left button+mouse right
Jump Up: left button+mouse forward
Perform Action: middle button
Run Left: right button+mouse left
Run Right: right button+mouse right
Walk Left: mouse left
Walk Right: mouse right
For a side scroller it sounds nice. I would definitely make use of it.



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