Hi all.
well here are the files again.
Note, to archivers and converters.
I am not used to the new builtin system.
The stuff works but I just selected random builtins stuff work but the wrong sounds may exist.
Note to all.
any lines I have ; in front of them is because they have no sounds on either.
Also to authors and converters a like.
I have not used the new parameters ts3 has.
All I have done is in the situations needed converted the old syntax.
If someone wants to add extra things, go ahead and hack, but its to hard to actually bother.
I should apologise about all my bitchy shitty mood yesterday.
I thought every vehicle would need to be hacked.
This was not the case in fact only 5 car files needed major mods, with about 4 others needing commented lines.
this should work at least for cars.
Though I'd like some sort of upgraded vehicle maker and track maker programs.
I'd like to be able to convert tracks and make new ones.
I plan to make more straight tracks for timetrialing a vehicle.
I also plan to make a tiled track with a serface change every 100-200 metres or so, eventually making turns on slipery serfice tyles. Something like tetress or bricks though it won't bee its an idea I have right now. I would like the newer makers first though because there is no way I want to fiddle with the number codes for everything I just am to lazy and to hot to bother with it.
the file is ts3tv20.zip
topspeed 3 tracks and vehicles version 2.0
for those that want to put these up fine.
For those that want me to maintain the archive I can do that.
What I may end up doing though is if more stuff gets uploaded or given me I will patch the archive. every 6 months or so I will release an entire archive upgrade of everything but bandwidth is a big issue as I pay per geg block. 2bucks is not much but when you are in a network that can download from 10-30 pluss with a 20gb main data block you can see where I will run into problems.

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