Hi Kai,

Kai wrote:

You may consider a stat list, wherein pressing the Status button puts
the game into a paused state. The gamer could then arrow up and down
the various

My reply:

That is basically my idea in a nutshell. The problem is that I haven't
got speech interupt working so to actually get the stat to speak you
have to pres the select button to have it speak your health, ammo,
strength, when that option is highlighted.

Kai wrote:

another approach is the tabular design, where the stat screen is
divided into separate columns, so that a player entering the stats
menu is placed in the
first column, lets say vitality. Arrowing down this column would give
him/her information about health, strength, oxygen, etc. arrowing
right would then
take him/her to the ammo column. Arrowing down this column would
announce the amount of ammunition available for each weapon carried.

My reply:

That's a good idea. Unfortunately, getting speech interupt properly
working has been my biggest problem with anything remotely like this.
Still definitely something worth putting in the idea box though.

Kai wrote:

I do agree that detecting combinations in a profiler might be
difficult. The problem with the pres this, then this approach is that
you then can't decide
when and when not to prompt a player for combinations.

My responce:

You are definitely seeing the problem. That was definitely my point.
Creating a profiler to map multiple buttons for an action is difficult
seeing as the action map for the joystick has to store the value of
the modifier and the actual button too. How is the profiler to know
that button x is the modifier for button y. There is no way to tell
the profiler that info without pressing first one button then the
other. Then, you have the problem you just mentioned about when not to
prompt the player for a modifier. It just doesn't work. The only way
that works is to use a *.ini file like the GMA Engine does which Phil
pointed out is confusing to work with. The other thing is to hard code
the action map for the device which wouldn't necessarily apply to
every joystick or game pad out there.

One possible solution I can think of in this case is to hard code a
few action maps for some game pads like a Philips 2909, Logitech F510,
and a Logitech F710 which would definitely provide superior support
for those specific controllers. Problem is that if someone doesn't
have one of the supported game controllers their controller will still
work, but the action maps won't match up. So I'm not at all sure what
is the best way to go about this.


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