Hi Dark,

Dark wrote:

This actually ties into something I was thinking about the other day.

I realized, that despite having games as complex as smugglers, shades
of doom, entombed, time of conflict and lone wolf installed on my pc,
what is the
game I play most often? What is the game I frequently just think "hay,
I've got half an hour, ---- lets play something" and stick on?

Easy, ------ The freeware, graphical remake of Turrican, T2002 (with
it's various level packs that people have created of course).

this is not, by any stretch of the imagination a particularly complex game.

My reply:

Yeah, I definitely know the feeling. There is a lot that can be said
for the walk along blow-m-up or walk along beat-m-up game like
Turrican. Just start the game and play with no better goal in mind
than to blow up, beat up, or otherwise kill as many baddies as humanly
possible. There were a number of games of this type for the NES and
SNES, and they were surprisingly fun despite lacking a game story, cut
scenes, whatever.

Like I was saying to Phil over on the USA Games list my son recently
got hooked on the 1989 Batman game for the original NES. It is still
one of the top downloads for NES roms, and has been declared one of
the top 10 games for the NES platform. Besides extremely sharp
graphics and animations for the time the game play is fantastic. There
isn't much to the stages other than walking along beating up the
Joker's thugs, but all that is made up for a well balanced combat
system. It is challenging and you have to figure out if taking out an
enemy is better with fists, batarang,  or a rocket. It is both simple
but highly challenging at the same time. That spells great replay
value that has lasted for 22 years.

To get back to my point I often wish I could just load up a game like
that and play it like I use to. MOTA is a great game, but puzzle
solving etc take brain power. Sometimes you just want to ggo out there
and slug it out with some baddies for the heck of it. Double Dragon,
Batman, and games of that sort give you that relief. You don't have to
think about it, but can just punch, kick, and fight your way through
the levels until you take on the big boss man.

Dark wrote:

There's a tendency I've noticed in audio side scrollers to essentially
make everything feel quite automatic. You get close to enemy, enemy
attacks unless
you hit first, on harder difficulty enemy damages you more. you get to
edge of ledge, hit single jump button.

Compare this to the fluidity and sense of freedom in a game like
Turrican, Metroid, ---- or even something like original mega man, and
the difference is

My reply:

Yes, you are definitely right. That's one thing I was hoping to avoid
with Mysteries of the Ancients. The game mechanics are just a little
too automatic for my liking, and I want something a little more fluid
and challenging. If you don't hold down the jump keys long enough poor
Angela gets dumped in a fire, lava pit, lands on some spikes, etc.
Jump too far and she over shoots a ledge and falls screaming to her
death. These things are not at all unusual for mainstream games of the
type you mentioned, but are almost non-existent in audio games. Its
time to change that.


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