Hi Dark,

Yeah, I know. It is just the everybody uses Jaws attitude that gets
under my skin, because not everybody uses it. Yes, i have it, but only
because it was paid for by a state agency when they were trying to
help me get through college and find employment. It wasn't by personal
choice. I have obtained another screen reader, Window-eyes, by
personal choice so naturally I favor it more since I'm the guy who fit
the bill for it and wanted it. To have someone snub my choice by using
Jaws only would be an insult much as it would be to a Hal user like

On 1/20/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> I agree completely tom, but I don't really think this is Philip's problem,
> afterall he's essentially just providing the tools for the job, not saying
> how people should use them.
> if someone did just write in Jaws support because they believed most people
> used jaws and were too lazy to change things, ---- well it's up to myself
> and all the other none jaws users to point out to them that they're being a
> prat, ---- as in fact I did when during my first examination of muds back in
> 2004, I asked about screen reader support and was sent a bunch of jaws
> script files, rather sad actually sinse this put me completely off muds at
> the time, but I now Know I could've run mushclient quite successfully with
> Sapi, ---- especially sinse the particular mud I was trying to play was
> Alterean.
> The most Philip could do would be to write some advice in the bgt
> documentation, ---- but whether people take it would be their own fault
> really.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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