Also, after trying on three different machines, I've never! got the damn things to work, that's one reason why armadillo army has no written description in the database, though I'm tempted to just put something together from the instructions, ---- bad as that sounds (usually I always try to play a game before describing it).

Eitherway, apparently they wrote ridiculously symple audio games, slapped a price on them, and called them a revolutionary new product considdering they were the first audio games ever created, ---- despite the fact that a bit of googling would've shown them different.

Oh, and the method they apparently use for showing audio directions is just insane!

According to someone who described the games on, instead of hereing something in sterrio pan, you here a voice pout of center speakers saying "right right right" or "left left left" depending upon where the enemy or object is, ---- which is just ridiculous!

Beware the grue!


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