Hi. I remember in about 1990 or 1991 there was a game I played on my apple 2gs called something like Grogan. If you dawdle around for too long in any part of the game, something always happens to you to kill you. For example at the start, you are being attacked by a troll with an axe.

You can get past the troll by tickling it and running away.
Another part of the game is where you have to go into a phone booth and dial a number, and the floor of the booth drops out from under your feet and you are suddenly somewhere else. There is also a character called the kindly old gentleman who demands all your treasures. "hurry up, I haven't got all day!! and if he doesn't get what he wants, he calmly shoots you through the head. If you've previously been cheating in the game, he'll know about it, and he says "I hate cheaters!" then kills you there and then. you could cheat 3 times by typing in cheat to get a hint on what to do next in the game. If you tried to cheat a fourth time, you end up in a room with no exits, and the troll chops off your head and the game ends. There's another part of the game where you are being attacked by a swarm of hungry rats. You feel tiny teeth sink into your ancle. The scurrying sound gets louder. Another part had you wearing rollerscates, trying to make it through a field of deadly poppies. Trying to wear the rollerscates however was a puzzle in itself, you needed to put them on and then tighten them with a gold key, so they wouldn't keep falling off. There was another scene where you are being attacked by a witch on a broomstick. and yet another where you are standing on some train tracks and there is a train speeding towards you. Some parts of the game were faulty. The game was written in apple basic, and if you "listed" the contents, there was one part of the code that said "this section still under construction" Does anyone know if this game was ever released for the pc, and where on earth I can find this gem?

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