Hi Dark,

That's my experience as well. Granted I was fully sighted at ages 8,
9, 10, etc but I was playing games way harder than the APH games at
that age. At age 9, around 1987, the leading titles ffor the NES were
Mario Brothers, Castlevania, Double Dragon, Castlevania, Megaman, and
a couple of others. All were released around 87 and 88. If I had been
given an APH game at that age not only would I have slotterd my way
through it I would probably have been board to tears as I did it. So I
don't know why people consistently think things have to be made easy
for the blind when I'm certain many of us could rise to the challenge
if we wanted to. I'm sick and tired of us being treated as a
half-whit, subhuman, retard just because our eyes don't function. What
I'm talking about is dignity, and I believe the blind should be given
the exact same respect, challenges, and oppertunities as our sighted


On 1/23/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> I'm a litle confused why the difficulty of the games would be lowered as to
> be so ridiculous just because they are aimed at young children, ----
> something I thought when I tried mudsplat.
> I think I first completed Golden axe on the Amigar at the age of 8, and
> super bomberman and street fighter 2 at normal difficulty at the age of
> nine, though these took a lot of practice.
> I was playing berzerk and joust when I was about four, and while I did often
> play on the easy setting, this wasn't that much less difficult than normal
> (easy on berzerk, the robots didn't fire at you).
> So while having a range of difficulties for different aged players is
> reasonable, your probably likely to find not a few kids who could slaughter
> their way through something if it was made too easy, ---- which seems to be
> the case with the aph games.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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