Hi Philip,

Philip wrote:

I'm neither for or against open source software. I am very thankful to
those who write open source libraries and allow them to be used in
commercial applications,
as that speeds up my own development by about 500 %. But I would never
make any of my games open source because of the simple fact that I
don't want people
to mess around with or steal my source code. I have spent a
considerable sum of money outsourcing a lot of the core parts of my
game engine and so it would
be utter foolishness for me to simply throw that money in the sea as
we say in Sweden. It is for the same reason that I protect my sounds
from being altered
or stolen, because I don't want the investments I have made in that
department to simply be exploited. I'm happy to provide my game engine
along with some
open source components to do trivial things such as my menu class, my
sound pool class to handle audio environments, my number speaker class
to intelligently
concatenate sound files to have numbers spoken, etc etc. But the real
code is protected and always will be.

My reply:

I know exactly how you feel. I just spent the last two/three years
writing the Genesis 3D Engine in order to produce games like Mysteries
of the Ancients, Raceway, etc and now that it is ready for production
I hate the thought of just handing the source code over to anyone who
wants it. Oh, I've considered a time or two of releasing an open
source version, but in the end my rationality is the same is yours. I
spent both time and money working on this engine and I don't want my
work to be taken and used without any kind of financial compensation.
With a GPL license someone could take my engine, modify it, keep it
open source, and make money off of creating games with it without
paying me royalties etc. I think after a lot of time, money, and work
involved I should get a little money off of my engine. Although, with
BGT sales I don't think there is much of a market for G3D now anyway.


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