First, a new version of heli is ready.  Get it at
but back your exe file up first.  and try it.
Changed the knob sound, more clear when its pitch is changed.  I would have 
liked to make it shorter but sounds don't play at all if too short.  Also 
positioned the opponent in 3d space.
There are some bugs though.
First, the minor one--I'm sure it's simple.  Before, the code checked to see if 
the opponent was talking, then stopped him from saying whatever if he needed to 
say something new--like if you shoot the tv fast.  Now you get a runtime 
error--I'm really starting to hate those--if the code has to try playing him 
more than once.  Hmm...
Second, and this is the really irksome thing, I was planning on making a second 
adventure--an outside version where you're actually in a chopper, and you hear 
birds outside and try to hit them and so on, but whenever I try to change any 
of the variables for the 3d listener object, I get another of those occursed 
runtime errors.
In the code, there is an example, kept from running with an apostrophe as is 
the way in vb6.
Of course it's not the doppler I'm really interested in changing, but the 
listener's position.  Yet, I used doppler to demonstrate that before the main 
code runs, doppler can be changed just fine.  After it really gets going, it 
cannot.  I went back to the beginning of this project, where nothing fancy was 
going on, and it still gives me problems!  
(Screaming with rage, Ken throws his computer out the window, and laughs with 
glee as a car runs it over.)
See ya at the psych ward!
Ken Downey

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