Oh yes double dragon, ---- forgot that one ;D.

I played it first on an amstrad cpc computer at the age of about 6, then later on the Amigar and at the arcades.

Actually on a pound fifty at the age of eleven, which gave fifteen creddits at the time I once finished the arcade game, something I was amazingly proud of sinse it seemed rare to finish an arcade machine ;d.

I will say that I did practice, especially considdering that though I had quite a bit more vision before my hemmerage at the age of 7, and so had enough field of vision to play something like packman easily, after that point my vision was the same as it is now so I had to work fairly hard, especially with something like marrio brothers.

As to the Blind = stupid thing, that is unfortunately quite common though one thing I'm looking forward to when I have my phd in a couple of years, is being able to turn around to all the random people in shops, banks, cinema reception who think I'm such an idiot they can use my first name as if talking to a child and say "actually, ---- it's doctor! hewitt!" ;D.

In fact, I actually think it's probably bad generally to treat blind kids that way. it's something I've noticed from people who grew up in specialist schools, they become incredibly cleaque orientated and only ever talk to other blind people because they considder everyone else "radically different"

this is something else I'm addressing in my thesis.

Anyway, I think my high horse is running away, so I'd better run off and catch it lol!

Beware the grue!


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