Let me shine some light on the marvel side of things:

"I'm not as
knowledgeable about comics as I would like to be.

Capcom lineup:
Akuma: Street fighter
Chun li: street fighter
Ryu: Street Fighter
Morigan: Darkstalkers
Felicia: darkstalkers
Dante: Devil May Cry
Trish: Devil May Cry
Chris Redfield: Resident Evil
Viewtiful Joe: from the viewtiful joe series
Albert Wesker: Resident Evil
Tron-bon: Megaman
Crimson Viper: Street Fighter
Zero: Megaman
Mike Hagger: Final fight

Marvel Lineup:
Wolverine (X-men): The short Canadian mutant with razor claws.
Captain America (Captain America comic): Super soldier and part of the avenger team- wields unbreakable shield. Spider Man] (Spiderman comic): Slender and fast, with the proportional strength and speed of a spider- he also shoots webbings that can trap criminals. Iron Man (Ironman comic): also part of the avenger team- the superhero who fights wearing a suit of robotic armor and many, many guns. Hulk (Incredible hulk comic): big green guy who is fueled by radiation-induced strength and rage. She-hulk (Incredible hulk comic): Hulk's cousin, she's also green and big and strong, but alot smarter and cuter. DR. Doom (fantastic four comic): one of the main bad-guys in the Marvel universe, he fights wearing high-tech armor and can use magic. Magneto (x-men): also a main foe in Marvel universe, this mutant criminal mastermind can use his power to control anything made of metal. MODOK (x-men) Bound to his flying hoverchair, this monsterous evil creation uses his incredible mental power to overcome his foes. Dormamu (doctor strange comic): This lord of chaos is strong in mystic power and seeks to rule the world using such. Storm (x-men): cute African mutant who has nearly absolute control over nature's elements. She leads the x-men team for awhile, and is probably, arguably, the most powerful member of the team. Phoenix / dark phoenix (x-men) Both good and evil version of Jean Gray of the x-men team. Her psychic power is very strong, and she has fought on both sides of the fence.

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