Hi Thomas,

very interesting things you brought up there.

For me personally, the random enemies and items are not important at all. I perfectly understand what you said about enemies fitting into a plot and so on, and that is a lot more important for me at least. So, I would say, just place the enemies and items where you need them. When there go more puzzles in the game and the levels get more complex, I don't think that would take much from replayability for me. Besides, the fact that you can let the levels get more complex gradually when you know where which enemy goes is a very good point. I would like it better when the game starts fairly easy and gets more complex, so that I can familiarize with it, rather than getting the most difficult enemy right in the first room. And you can place puzzles better when you have fixed places for enemies and items anyway.

So, I'd say go with the fixed position for things. I myself played many mainstream games when I still had sight and played many sidescrollers again and again, and all enemies and items were at the same place all the time, too.

Concerning standart and arcade mode, I don't need this feature that badly. If you have more time for level design, puzzle design etc. when you leave this feature out, I'd say go for it. It's not really important for me to have both.

Your idea with varying the length of jummps sounds perfectly ok for me. I'd rather have a warning before the jump and then have to time it right, than to have no warning at all. So, this seems to be a good solution for me.

No about puzzles.
Since I myself played many mainstream games, I'm used to the sort of puzzles tat where used there and have no problem with them being in an audiogame, too. Not only that, but it would add more fun for me in the game and I would more likely want to play it more then once. Maybe you also can start fairly easy here in the first few levels, so that people who are not used to this sort of thing can adapt to it and get more complex later on. But all in all, I think that good puzzles are also playable for a person completely new to the concept, as long as they are implemented well enough to give a totally blind gamer with no visual conception of things enough hints and audible feedback to get past them.

Well, so much for my two cents. *smiles*

Best regards

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