Hi Ryan,

Ryan wrote:

As it stands now, you may be right, but I don't think that's a good reason
not to include such puzzles. If we keep the bar intentionally low, we'll
never teach people to jump higher.

My reply:

That's quite true, but my concern is actually translating some of
these complex puzzles into audio. Some of the things in Tomb Raider
are extremely visual, challenging, and not the easiest thing to pull
off even if you can see. That's what makes people keep buying those

For example, recently my wife purchased a copy of the latest
installment of the Tomb Raider saga for me, Guardian of Light, which
is arguably the best Tomb Raider title in years. It is challenging,
very fast paced, has great replay value, and well is a real treat for
TR fans.

Anyway, On level one there is this large spike pit Lara Croft has to
cross. She can't jump over it, can't swing over it, can't walk over
it, and can't run over it. It is one of those cases that will have you
scratching your head wondering how to get passed that trap. As it
turns out on the other side of the trap there is this picture on the
wall which is in fact a pressure switch. If you throw a spear at it or
shoot it with Lara's magnum it will cause the spikes to lower, and
Lara can cross safely to the other side.

In a visual game they can hide a solution like that in plane view and
it still requires a bit of guess work and trial and error. In an audio
game how do you clue someone in that there is a certain place on the
wall they must shoot?

If you make some sort of audio indication this is were you must shoot
then you give the solution to the puzzle away. If you use the view
command to tell them that the picture is there it isn't as much of a
dead give away, but could cause trouble aiming at the picture.  Either
way, converting puzzles like that to audio are difficult, and I'm not
quite sure how to do it in an accessible format.

Ryan wroe:
overwhelming simplicity. I beat Grizzly Gulch a day after purchasing it.
Monkey Business took a day and a half. Super Liam took another day.
All of these games were fun in their own right, but nothing has
compared--especially in action/adventure titles--to mainstream difficulty.

My reply:

I know the feeling. That's why I want to break out of the simple game
mold we have set for ourselves.


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