Hi Shaun,

As I said in a prier e-mail doing that wouldn't really work. I could
never balance the game that way. Let me explain it another way.

Let's assume you enter the first room and you have a pistol with 15
rounds of ammo. There is a big ugly skeleton in their with a rusty
dagger in his hand. Okay, killing that skeleton is easy. it is a
freeby. More or less to get you into the game. Now, on a later level
you might encounter a couple of centaurs. They take 15 rounds of ammo
each to kill so you need a more powerful gun like a shotgun, uzi,
whatever. That's fine since I could assume you have found said weapon
earlier in the game and will balance out the hit points with the more
powerful weapon or weapons.

Now, assume I decide to go back and randomize things. Suddenly you
enter room one with 15 rounds of ammo and there is a centaur in there
you need a shotgun or uzi to kill. The game is absolutely unbalanced
because that enemy requires a more powerful weapon and ammo you
currently do not have yet. See the problem?

This has been the key issue in writing the game. In order to design
smooth and good game mechanics I have to assume you have a certain
weapon or weapons to fight this or that enemy. If you randomize it,
mix it all up, you might not find that weapon until the next level
when you need it right now. That's why I haven't made it so you need a
sword to kill certain bosses because I never could depend on that
magical item being there when you or I needed it.


On 1/25/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> well you could remove the randomised code while you test it and then
> add it back in later if you cared to.
> Issue is once people know where everything is then it won't matter if
> you have the game or not.

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