Hi Tom,
since I have been there playing the game from your first Alpha onwards, I
have been with it from the start.
About random enemies/objects:
drop it. I have had that problem of encountering a centauer in the first
level with only the standard gun as a weapon, with nothing else. Even on
easy that's not really good for your health in the game.
Besides, as you are right, we don't need flying creatures under water, while
skeletons or zombies might be in the water. Besides, if things are
randomiced, you don't know if you can fight a boss or have to run for it.
If I play the current version of the game and I have the sword, I'll fight
the bosses of the two levels currently playable. If not, I'll fire whatever
I currently have, but not to kill, but to get trough that room with as few
damage as possible.
Besides, for the current version I haven't seen the use of scrolls besides
something you can pick up yet. And because I don't know what's in the next
room, there are situations where I whish I'd found something different than
a scroll.
About jumping over trabs:
Before Beta 16 (couldn't use Beta 15 due to unforeseen crash of Windows),
there was that problem when you stood one or two meters from a fire pid and
had to use the view command after every step to find out if you could jump
or not. The fact that panning and adjustments of sounds did not change step
by step also was a problem, because it sounded like you were zero steps away
from the pid, but had a few more to go before jumping. When dealing with
casms, you have that warning sound before you have to jump and I think
before fire or lava you should do it like in Q9. The other problem the older
beta versions had was that when you intended to just walk one step, you
walked more than one step occasionally, but getting one step sound but you
fell into fire because you did not go one step, but at least two...
Also, there is that spike situation in the current level two where you jump
over one to stand exactly between two of them and you have to do another
jump. When I first came to that I died, because I did not know if I had to
walk a few steps before jumping, because it was like with two fire pids
after each other or something. Only after using the view command, I got
aware of that thing. And when finding the next spike trab (more than one)
there were few steps between them.
But doing it like in Q9 is probably the best.
I'd like to have something like the old arcade mode of the old Monti game you originally made. And about riddles: If it is possible to make some riddles that work with audio, I'm for doing it. So this could expand the plot of the game, because up to now, we only have the first two levels without any cut scenes or some other story relevant events. Besides, a goddess surely would protect her treasures with more than "just" zombies and such undeath creatures. If she has magic, more things are possible, so if there can be some things like jumping on switches in the floor for example, that's a good idea. Just a short question about trabs and items. What happened to either such things as the wanishing platforms to cross some trabs instead of the bridges or bridges that only hold you for a time before breaking, and something like the force fields or other timed trabs in general? And last of all, warping or teleporting, like the old Monti had, where you can reach other unexplored areas instead of unlocking and opening regular doors with regular keys?
That's what I have to say for now and I am awaiting the new beta now.

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