Hi Karl,

Thanks for the comments.

As for your comment about partial randomization that's part of the
problem. As I was explaining to Phil earlier when I added that random
code I didn't do it in such a way that would provide partial
randomization or take certain types of special conditions into
account. I was in a bit of a hurry to get the feature in the game,
just put in a quicky to please people, and as a result it was very
poorly designed from the outset. Now, of course I sorely regret that
decision as I'm looking at an extensive rewrite of a fair amount of
code to fix it, or just turn it off and just placeing things where
they should go.

As for sliding vines etc I liked that too, but there are somethings
that don't really fit into the Mysteries of the Ancients storyline.
This is suppose to be an ancient Greek temple/tomb and jungle vines
just wouldn't fit into this particular storyline. Of course, if we
were to return to South America using the Incas, Aztecs, or Mayans
then that would be perfectly fine.

Now, that we are on the topic in a way I sort of wish I had stuck with
the Aztecs, Mayans, or Incas instead of relocating the game to grease.
For one thing I could have a jungle level avoiding quicksand, fighting
giant snakes, enemy tomb robbers, sliding vines, etc. Ah, well,
another idea for another game I suppose.


On 1/25/11, Karl Belanger <karl.belan...@comcast.net> wrote:
> Here are my thoughts:
> As for randomized monsters and items, I have definitely experienced how
> things can be unbalanced, and I would be OK with completely unrandomizing
> things. Or, what about partial randomization? For example, you could only
> allow skeletons and zombies on level 1, add in centaurs on level 2, etc. but
> let the actual placement of them be randomized. Also, you could disallow
> scrolls and weapons if the room contained water. Then you can also make
> rooms which need to have something specific for some reason contain that
> specific object.
> As for puzzles and traps, I
> Would recommend you add in more difficult traps. I am going to illustrate a
> point with a puzzle from the last level of technoshock so:
> S
> P
> O
> I
> L
> E
> R
> As per your example with the pit in tomb rader, I will take a puzzle from
> Technoshock. On level 6, you start out in a room with a switch and no
> obvious way out. This is something which is quite similar to the very first
> level in which there are two rooms with a switch and an electric force
> field. So, you walk up and flip the switch...immediately falling into the
> pit which just opened beneath you. You must stand back, shoot the switch,
> then quickly turn around and jump the pit which has also opened behind you
> before the door closes. Things like this would be very easy to do in MOTA. I
> like Dark's idea of using sound for various decorations and floor surfaces
> which sometimes do something and sometimes don't. I wouldn't let uncertainty
> of how to do something in audio hold you back from trying something. Ask
> your beta team and/or the list for ideas on how to do a given trap. You
> could also put a trap into a private beta and see how your team handles it.
> Two things that the very original Montezuma's Revenge by Alchemy had which I
> would like to see in MOTA are vines which you would gradually slide down,
> forcing you to keep climbing back up or fall off the bottom, and treasures
> which you had to react quickly to catch. I would also like to see the
> burning rope concept return to MOTA.

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