Hi Muhammed,

Well, that would not necessarily work. For one thing although we are
both arguably C/C++ developers my engine design is extremely object
oriented where BGT seams to take a more procedural approach to
programming. That's not bad or good, but is just one of many
differences in how the game engines are designed.

For example, if you remember I initially wrote the G3D Engine in C#.
Well C# .NET is a fully object  oriented language using classes,
namespaces, objects, etc. When I converted the engine from C# .NET to
C++ I kept the .NET object oriented design but updated the code to
C++.  As a result my entire design and structure is fundimentally
different from BGT.

Another small but importqant difference is formatting etc. I know when
using the streemway library there are functions like Sw_LoadFromFile()
etc. Well, this is pretty par for C/C++ naming conventions, but since
I didn't originally write my engine in C++ my formatting and naming
conventions are more typical of C# .NET. If we did what you suggest
one or both of us would have to decide which naming convention to use
and update several thousand lines of code to use that formatting etc.
It is just not practical is what I'm saying.


On 1/25/11, Shiny protector <muhamme...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Just a spectacular idea I've thought of. Why don't you Philip and Thomas rap
> the G Three-D engine in BGT? In that way, both of you won't have to compete,
> and it will be a good engine.

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