Except that opensource software is supposed to be recognized as such by folks 
who use it.
Too often, I've found programs that use opensource software, then ignore the 
license requirements 
which state that they should, can, or must mention in their docs that they are 
using said piece of software in their programs.
I've also seen blatent commercial rip-offs of opensource products that are 
obviously nothing more than the opensource program repackaged, and distributed 
as their own product, when this is clearly not the case.
That kind of exploitation is illegal, but bringing anyone to task for such 
things is rough, and
expensive, and usually doesn't happen, and the exploiters know this, which is 
why they do it.
For example, nvda is free and opensource, I saw a company (3 or 4 years ago) 
selling a screen reader of their own, which was clearly nvda, but they had 
renamed it, and charged $250 for it.
That is the kind of thing that is not allowed with opensource products.
Most opensource products (especially libraries) 
request that you mention them in your program documentation, but some of them 
don't require this, simply ask that it be done, but don't demand it.
My own opinion, is that if someone is using a product, especially if it was 
something they're using for profit,
the least they can do is acknowledge where said shortcuts came from, which is 
generally accepted as good and honest practice in the opensource community.
It's mind boggling how many times I see programs using opensource components, 
and there's no mention of such anywhere in the program docs.
Open source is free as in free to use, not free as in free to steal and make 
your own.
Too many commercial entities forget this point, and just rip off opensource to 
line their own pockets, and that's really a shame.

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