This is just to let epople know the state of play regarding empires and 
dungeons 2.

the original game is inaccessible, but niels has said he is prepared to add 
a screen reader access mode (along with an extra map), if there is 
sufficient interest and enough preorders.

I'm not convinced of this myself, though being as I don't think too many Vi 
players were too interested in Tv manager 2 despite the screen reader access 
mode, ---- not surprising really sinse I suppose lack of vision and a sim 
about managing a tv company don't really mix, i would guess Niels needs a 
bit of encouragement that this could be financially viable.

However I know plenty of people here would enjoy a game that mixes a single 
player rpg and a stratogy battle game, so I'd deffinately advise people to 
support the project financially if they can.

Niels has said he's prepared to refund people their money if this doesn't 
come about.

so, anyone interested should go to 

Even if you don't fancy the idea of steaking money on this, you can E-mail 
neiles bauer at cont...@nielsbauergames.com
 to express interest.

So, this really depends upon how willing people are to A, pay, and b, say 
that they would like such a game, and I deffinately hope people take the 
challenge up.

i myself have read the manual of the game, and it looks fantastic, not the 
least because it's entirely single player and self contained, so no grinding 
or pvp, just stratogy and exploration.

Beware the grue!

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