Hi Ken,

Oh, I do understand your point of view. That is one principle reason I
wrote my own game engine, G3D, instead of investing in something like
BGT. I have the skills to write things my way so there isn't any
reason not to do it.

However, my issue with VB has to do with the fact the technology is
out of date and is largely incompatible with newer computers. For
example, you are talking about using 3d audio support. That's great
but DirectSound 8 is broken on Windows 7, and of course Microsoft has
no intention of fixing it. They have XAudio2 now, and DirectSound is
deprecated. This puts gamers like myself in a bad position because we
still want to play games like Heli, but run the latest Windows
software. We can't easily do both when a game like Heli largely relies
on Windows 98, ME, and XP era APIs rather than being updated to use
the current APIs. While 3d audio might work fine on your system it
doesn't work fine on my laptop which is running Win 7. So I think you
can see why I am making an issue of this.


On 1/30/11, Ken the Crazy <kenwdow...@neo.rr.com> wrote:
> It's not that BGT doesn't at all interest me.  There are a lot of appealing
> features, and I know I won't be able to resist once the 3d audio is
> implemented.  Delving into BGT as I doubtless will, I seriously doubt it
> will be my only method of programming for games.
>   For one thing, as much as I dislike programming, when I program a game
> from the ground up I know exactly how the game works.  I can tweak the
> finest details, and know just how a sub or function works.  I guess that
> learning is another reason I like to program.
> Also, if I had a new idea about a game, and a particular feature wasn't
> supported yet, I wouldn't be able to do anything about it but suggest and
> wait, which would mean that someone else would either have to do the work
> for me or it wouldn't get done.
> Another thing I would like to do eventually is make games that blind people
> can play with friends and family.  If I could find someone to do the
> graphics, I could do the sounds and the rest of it, or I might start adding
> audio effects and other things to make preexisting games accessible.  There
> is a pong 3d game in a book on programming vb.net that I have.  If I ever
> wrap my brain around VB.net, I'd like to put it together and modify it for
> our community. My kids are into arcade games, and we only have a couple that
> have graphics, (one being Quake which they aren't allowed to play of
> course,) so I'd like to expand that arena as well.
> Also, I guess that when I saw the BGT code for the first time, I instantly
> thought of C, and Quake C in particular.  (I've still got some loose neurons
> bouncing around in my head from messing with that.)  I'm sure it's not
> nearly as bad as all that though.
> I'll certainly try out BGT when the 3d audio becomes fully supported,
> because every game idea I have would use 3d audio.  Really I find very
> little dimensionality in games that just have panning and volume--it's like
> what a sighted person would feel playing Pole Position on a c64.  And no,
> I'm not trying to insult the makers of all the games that don't use it, or I
> would be insulting myself too.  They are great games still, (and yes, I
> still actually play Pole Position for the C64 at times, as well as all these
> other games,) but in general it's time to move on.
> Ken Downey
> President
> DreamTechInteractive!
> And,
> Blind Comfort!
> The pleasant way to experience massage!
> It's the Caring
> without the Staring!

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