Hi Damien,

For the most part that's true. Although, there are alternative's to
DirectX. If I wanted ogg, mp3, and wma support using C# .net or VB
.net all I'd have to do is use FMOD Ex instead of DirectSound or
XAudio2. Since this is a freeware product a developer could use FMOD
Ex for free, and it doesn't require a commercial or shareware type

However, for the most part I agree with you. While I don't have a
problem with VB .net or C# .net myself I realise there are others who
don't wish to use it for one reason or another. The main one being
that the .net runtime environment is extremely huge, and installing
third-party components can become a headache. If you install this or
that component in the wrong order you can break compatibility and have
to uninstall and reinstall everything correctly. This is probably one
of the most frustrating aspects to using .net based software. However,
there are plenty of good thingsabout .net as well.

As for Ken's desire not to use BGT I think I understand his point of
view. For him he wants to actually program a game from scratch, get a
feel for how the code works, rather than depending on tools like BGT
that hides all the low level workings of DirectX, Sapi, etc and gives
you a nice easy to use wrapper. BGT is nice, but if you want to
actually know how all that stuff really works you need something else,
a real programming language, to get down to the nitty-gritty of the
mechanics etc.


On 1/30/11, Damien Pendleton <dam...@x-sight-interactive.net> wrote:
> Hi Ken,
> You say others can work on it. This is the exact problem we have. Other
> people can't work on it if they do not have any of the .net development
> platforms. I am one of these and have BGT, which is fine for all of my
> development needs. It is portable, it is cheap, and it is packed with nice
> game features that even DirectX cannot compare with. For example adding ogg
> support to DirectX is yet another dependency and another farce. However with
> BGT, it is very easy, as it is integrated into the engine. Encryption and
> packing features is another nice advantage. Granted this is not required for
> an open source game, but for compiled games it is easier to encrypt and
> package sounds than it ever would have been for VB or C directly, let alone
> the .net platforms.
> That's your main problem with a community based game. Not everyone might
> have the development platform it is designed for. I want BGT, you don't have
> it. You want .net or vb6, I don't have it. Someone else might even want to
> convert it to python, which neither of us might have. Simply because all the
> developers are experienced in different languages makes a community open
> source game hard to maintain, simply because all the developers will want it
> translating into their language so that they can help to maintain it, which
> gives us several different executables.
> Regards,
> Damien.

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