Actually, I think the reason you and others are so easily confused by
Shades of Doom etc isn't so much the levels are difficult, but it is
too easy to get turned around and accidently get lost. If you are
walking west along a coridor, get into a fight with an enemy, you
might end up walking east not knowing you are suppose to continue west
instead of east. This would certainly confuse anybody if they don't
know the level layout well enough to know they are going the wrong
way. Usually, by the time you figure out you are heading the wrong way
you have to try and backtrack to the point where you got lost. This
results in waisted time and added frustration.

In most cases many of the levels actually are fairly simple. In Shades
of Doom on level 1 basically you have six east/west corridors and a
few smaller north/south corridors connecting them. Along the left or
right wall are rooms you can explore.  If you were to ignore the rooms
for the moment a simple walk through of level 1 would be like this.

You start out in the north-east corner of the level at (19, 19.) You
walk west until you reach a north/south passage. You head south a few
steps, make a left, and head east ddown a major east/west passage.
Once you reach the end of the corridor there will be another
north/south passage to your right. Turn right and head south for a few
steps and make another right down a long east/west passage. This
corridor has a number of alcoves along the left and right walls.
ignore them and head west until you hit the end of the corridor. Make
a left into a short north/south passage and you will enter a sort of
zig/zag corridor. Once you get at the end of it you will be in another
east/west corridor. Head east and enter the room on your right. Kill
the monsters and head west into another room. Kill more monsters and
enter the door on the south wall. Exit this room with the door on the
east side. Make a right in a small north/south passage and head south
until you reach the final east/west passage. Head west down the
passage, open the room on your right with the door, and that will be
the elevator room.

In all it is a pretty simple level. Mostly east/west passages with a
few short north/south passages connecting them. Most of the navigation
will be heading south-west. Once you realize your goal is the elevator
room is in the south-west corner of the map/level it isn't that hard
to figure out what way you should be heading. It would be something
like: west, south, east, south, west, south, east, south, west, south,
east, south, west.


On 1/30/11, Arianna Sepulveda <englishride...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I agree, games like Shades of Doom, Audio Quake and Sarah and the
> Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry absolutely throw me for a loop! I
> get lost so quickly it isn't even funny! I guess I get confused by the
> sounds changing direction as my character moves. That throws me off a
> lot. I understand it in real life, but in a game, it's confusing.
> Maybe making a map would help? Ugh, that's a lot of work. And a lot of
> stuff I'd have to buy. Or I'd have to use Braille or something. So
> much paper lol. I can't use a Braille display for things like that,
> either. I have to be able to see the whole map, otherwise I get lost,
> and the map is useless.

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