Hi Ari,

Well, Mario is definitely copyrighted by Nintendo. Sounds, graphics,
names, etc. However, to be honest the game idea is generic enough you
could create something very much like it if you are creative enough.

For example, on Linux there is a game called Super Tux. Super Tux
happens to be a Mario style game where you play the Linux Penguine,
Tux, breaking ice blocks, jumping over traps, and more or less doing
the same things as Mario. In a lot of ways it is fairly close to Mario
without stepping on any copyright laws etc.

However, as for creating such an automated tool we'll see. I'm not at
all sure it is a good idea myself given the fact that tools like AGM
can only go so far before you require some scripting or programming.
One of the problems with AGM was that it was limited in the sorts of
games you could create, and the types of objects were fairly generic.
Perhaps too generic  for certain types of games. So in order to create
such a tool myself I'd have to find a way to get around that problem
which wouldn't be easy.


On 2/1/11, Arianna Sepulveda <englishride...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Oh, my God, Tom! Please, please, please consider doing this! I'd buy
> it! Programming is something I don't know how people do. I am truely
> astounded at how much work is involved, and I don't think I could
> figure it out too well. However, programming must have some logic to
> it--it's a system, after all, and I love systems. But this would get
> me started. I've always wanted to create some audio games! Something
> kinda like Super Mario World--well, not exactly--it's copywritten,
> after all, but something similar. Hmmm, wonder if the sounds/music is
> copywritten? Probably--who am I kidding? Anyhow, I've always wanted to
> do something like this!
> Thanks,

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