On Fri, Feb 04, 2011 at 12:38:45PM -0600, Hayden Presley wrote:
> Well...Shades ofDoom isnt' exactly Doom, per say, but it is certainly based
> off of it.  It's definitely worth a look,

[My Reply:]
        Thanks, but I googled it as soon as I'd seen it mentioned and 
went and grabbed the mp3, at least and listened to that.  Not entirely 
sure I will buy it unless there's some way to speed up the narrator's 
voice, because my computer speaking to me that slowly might drive me 
bugnutz, especially in the middle of live fire.

        What I'd really love to see, and pay $300 to own, would be an 
accessible version of Aces of the Deep by Dynamix, one of the most 
historically accurate WW2 German U-Boat simulations, right down to the 
sonar limitations of each period of the war, to the replacement of mines 
with hedgehogs, to radio coordinated ASW tactics.  I never once made it 
to 1943, but the Captain did everything by ear thru the sonarman's 
reports of direction and estimates.  Can't get much more nerve wracking 
than trying to dodge depth charges in a 200 yard-long ship at the speed 
of a bicycle.  It had just about everything tossed in from inclement 
weather affecting visibility and torpedo accuracy, to depth charging 
seaplanes and using snorkels later on in the war to avoid them.  If you 
knew your history, you could wrack up some serious tonnage early in the 
war, just by knowing how to dodge sonar.  At the earliest part of the 
war, sonar could only go from left to right.  At night on the surface, 
where your low silhouette was extremely hard to see, you were safe, and 
it was easier just to change depth to avoid the beam than maneuvering 
from left to right in a big, slow sub.

        I could listen to those diesels purr for hours, waiting for 
something to come within reach, then chase it down and kill it.  If it 
was a convoy, radio it in and wait for the wolfpack to assemble, 
shadowing them while a bunch of very ticked off convoy escorts tried to 
find, sink, or drive me away long enough to lose their sheep.

        I dunno, maybe it's just the Navy in me speaking, but I loved 
it.  The monotonous bits made the nerve wracking parts all the much more 
enjoyable, especially when I survived.


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