Hey guys,
Ok I'm gonna go ahead and say it. I find myself getting extremely frustrated with the blind gaming community. Why you ask? ok here goes. I'm sure you guys have noticed I've been putting up some rock band samples up. you've also noticed Clement has been putting up some street fighter IV samples and various other samples. So why is it that when we ask for feedback or comments on these samples we work hard to create, people simply either ignore us completely, or the same 3 or 4 people are the ones to always respond? well you know what I think the reason for that is? simply that the games we post about are mainstream games, not audio games. I've noticed that when a new audio game comes out, even if it's the most simplistic game in existence, everyone's all jumping to download it immediately and there are threads that span hundreds of messages on the subject. But when we post something having to do with console games, the thread dies in a matter of hours. I'm sure Clement has been feeling this frustration as well. it's been leaking through in his emails to the list even if he hasn't mentioned it outright. So my question is this: what must we do to get you guys interested in something other than topspeed 3, or any other audio game for that matter? don't you guys have that spark of curiosity to find out everything there is to find about video games? why is everyone ignoring these games outright? This community has hundreds of members, and only a very limited amount of people even talk about mainstream games. it's all audio games, audio games, and more audio games. there's so much more out there for you to find guys. how can you call yourself a gamer when you aren't even willing to download the files Clement and I put up to at least listen to what these games have to offer? Whenever I put up a rock band sample, I get like 4 or 5 downloads at most. however I rarely get any feedback. I think you guys are just shoving these files in your hard drives and don't even take a listen. if you do, then you have the curiosity of a robot. I don't know about Clement, but I'm not planning on putting anything else up. What's the point? no one seems to care what we have to say, or have any curiosity about console gaming. you guys just keep playing your audio games and keep your closed-minded mentality about game accessibility in general. If you think I'm taking things too far, consider this: remember when Clement and I had that little Street Fighter seminar? I finally thought that people finally had some interest in what we had to say and in the game and such. we got some really good questions, and over all had a really good time. but once that seminar ended, what do you think happened? That's right. absolutely nothing. people basically were like oh ok, that game had awesome sounds and music and such. ok back to playing some tank commander. at least, that's how I feel personally. it was fun as a spur of the moment thing. Now let me ask you this. how many of you, after listening to that seminar went over to gamestop and bought a copy of Street Fighter? or even go to a friend's house and try the game out? My guess is 0. ok rant over. I know this email is a mess lol, but it's just basically me writing down my ideas as they come to mind. take from it what you will. for those of us serious about gaming, we need to get together and figure where we should take it from here. Do we give up, or keep trying? I'm pretty tired of trying my self when everyone's resisting to be honest. Good day everyone.

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