Yeah but here's the thing. how will you know if you can play it when you actually aren't even willing to try the game out? just because a sighted person tells you so? I had sighted people telling me oh you can't play rock band, so don't even bother purchasing it. you gotta see the colored games. well, I'm playing rock band. and to those asking how do I play it when I'm blind, I won't even bother answering that question, mainly because we've answered it plenty of times and it makes absolutely no difference. Isn't it quite obvious that video games have sound? do you guys somehow think that just cause it's called a video game this means that it's video exclusive and a totally muted gaming experience? *sigh*. someone mentioned they don't play rock band because they're musicians. all I gotta say to that is wow. I really hope you don't always have that outlook on life.

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Hi Liam,
I totally agree. If I know there is a game out there that a blind person can play that may indeed be intended for sighted players, then I am willing to give it 100% concentration. Hell, I would even go out and buy the console it was designed for, just to play that game. But if you can't play it, because you need a degree of sight, then what is the point in wasting investments and time just to completely end up embarrassing yourself with it because you can't play properly like your sighted peers can? In my opinion that's just prejudice.

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