I do actually agree with clemments point about beat em ups, even though 
primarily myself the interest in a game like street fighter is it's story, 
general atmosphere and completing the game on all chars rather than just the 
competitive side. 

My issue however is that where as in games like soul calibur the story mode of 
such games used to be text, now in many titles like the mk series, it takes the 
form of another type of game mixed with the beat em up, such as a 3D rpg type 
affair, or even a stratogy battle.

Buying say mk deception where I could not play the story mode would be frankly 
disappointing for me, especially after how much I enjoyed the story modes of 
games like soul calibur 2 (which i played through thanks to a transcript from 
the net). 

Finally, there is the question of price. On my Snes I have a good 40 odd games 
I can play, and about the same for my gamecube (though many are gba titles). 

For me to invest in a console, I need to be aware that there are a significant 
number of playable games, and I thus far haven't seen this. 

Also, the Wii menue systems is frankly a nightmare requiring far too much 
trial, error and frustration (mostly due to my poor spacial coordination at 
point the wii mote), to wish to attempt on my own, one reason i've never bought 
one, though if Nintendo ever updated the Wii os with a menue I could learn I 
certainly would. 

Beware the grue! 

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