Hi Dark,
Thomas could balance the use of weapons by adjusting the strength it takes to swing them. A sword should require more strength and thus could be used less than a dagger before your strength is drained. Of course the fact that creatures can't pass through doors does give you an advantage in that you can back off and recharge your strength.
Hmm, maybe the creatures heal from your wounds if you do that?

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Hi Tom.

That's fair enough, and indeed seems to be usual practice, in fact many games I've beta tested generally have a bunch of balance fixes as the last thing on the list once the basic engine is stable and most compatibility bugs are dealt with.

however, as you are obviously going into level developement and balancing now, can I please register a vote for unlockable weapons rather than just having them completely randomized.

As I said, it'd be really nice to have the player need to make full use of all the weapons at different points, rather than just going for the most powerful they have current amo for.

At the moment, if you pick up the sword on the first level, you'llo never use the dagger, and probably not the bow and arrows, ditto with some of the guns like the magnum vs shotgun.

however, if they are obtained more slowly, the player must become good with a range of things, and also will be far more glad when he/she finds something powerful later on.

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