On Wed, Feb 09, 2011 at 10:42:45PM -0500, Thomas Ward wrote:
> series was the panoramic scenery and stark panic, like when the T-Rex
> pops it's big head around the cavern wall and comes barrelling down on
> you like a locomotive.
> My reply:
> Unfortunately, third-person games like Tomb Raider are virtually
> impossible to complete on your own if you are blind.

[My Reply:]

        Oh, yeah, I can just imagine being underwater in TR2, following 
the trail of garbage across the ocean floor to the split in the side of 
the sunken ship, all while dodging that humongous shark. <.laughs.>  
Yeah, I loved that Nevada desert canyon scene.  You remember, the one 
with the water at the bottom you'd always fall into, then have to swim 
over to the only point where you could climb out.  I'm positive I spent 
at least four days exploring that canyon, trying to reach every possible 
point I could access, and having a blast doing it.

        I also loved showing off her moves, like the running jump with 
the swan dive tuck and roll.  I jumped across that canyon alot doing 
that.  Anyway, I finally got Audio Quake working on Windows the other 
day, and am busy trying to decypher all the sounds in the sucker.  Way 
too much audio feedback all at once.  I figure sooner or later, I'll get 
around to hacking the sounds to something more appropriate too make them 
easier to differentiate.  I was thinking of using that "bouncing off the 
transparency" sound from the pilot episode of Star Trek, when Captain 
Pike tried to get at the little guys with the big heads.  Thought it 
would make for a better wall warning sound.  Those Friend/Foe/Monster 
detection sounds could use some work, too.  If not that, then just a 
soft voice speaking what the heck they are, as if speaking to an A.I.  I 
dunno.  I just think clipped information would be better than a bunch of 
confusing tones.

        What do you think?  That soft ticking sound produced by that 
radar they used in the second Aliens movie, the same warning tone used 
for monsters, and a voice saying "friend" and "foe" for the friend and 
enemy detection, respectively on the D5K?  Using the words wall, corner, 
and edge for other navigation aids?


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