On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 06:35:08PM -0800, David Rose wrote:
 Have any of you come up >with any brilliant tools for organizing this 

[My Reply:]
        Hi David,

        About the only way I can see to do it is to generate a text file 
with each sector, followed by it's connecting sectors, the way it was in 
Tradewars 2000, back in the pre-internet, Bulletin Board System days.  
Since the map had 1000 sectors, the map was 1000 lines long, but I still 
had to create the map by hand, calculating routes from point A to B, to 
keep from using up my movement turns.

        I was spending the initial phazes of the game, mapping, finding 
a cluster of 3 or more sectors with only one way in that was defensible, 
creating planets in them, and mapping space stations routes which had 
the best trade potentials.  It took a bit of work, even while I was 
sighted, but I'd think a list of sectors and their connections is the 
only way to go, and another list of trade sectors and what's being sold 
in them.  That way you can see so-and-so is selling wheat and buying 
farm machinery, and whats-his-face is selling farm machinery and buying 
wheat, and they're only a few sectors apart.  Voila, you've found a 
trade route.

        I used to love finding little clusters with a tunnel of sectors 
leading into them.  Plant all your defenses in the tunnel to make a 
multi-staged defense against the bad guys, and protect your planets and 
stations, and create your own trade routes the way you like.  Then go 
find the guys doing the same, stomp their guts out, take over their 
stuff and mine the crap out of their sector, so when they came back to 
the game, they'd be really ticked at you. <.evil grin.>

        Anyway, if Retro Space Wars is anything like Tradewars 2000, I 
think I'm gonna enjoy kicking your butts. <.grins.>


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