Plot and objective: the call center where you work, is part of a massive
building. On your way to your workstation, you have to  walk through this
massive building. Your work station is at the  back of the building; after
managing a few steep ramps.
When you are on your way home from work, the building suddenly starts to
cave in. Everyone has been warned about  the bomb thread that the
switchboard operator got.
The threader told her that this bomb will slowly cause  the whole building
to cave in.
The operator passed the message on to all team leaders in the call centre.
but you were on the telephone with  an irate client, unaware of the news.
So everybody is already home, you have to escape out of this building, while
debree is falling.
You run, side step left and right a few times, and press control down arrow
to crouch to miss some greater stones falling.
Finally you are on the street, on your way home.
You hear the bell of the icecream man!
Icecream! Just the cooler I want! you say.
So your job now is to catch the icecream man to buy icecraem from him.
It looks as if he tries to dodge you, but in fact his bicycle just pretends
dodging you. So in 3d game movement, you have to collide with his bicycle
and then buy some icecream from him.
Each  ice cream you buys from him before his bicycle do the dodging thing
again, gives you bonus points.
Ah, ice cream!

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