Plot and objective
So, you are a popular  senior citizen,  always visiting town a lot to do
lots of shopping. Only thing that just doesn't work for you is little boys
that wines, moans, screams, cries or sobs so that their moms will buy them
icecream. These boys just can't get enough of icecream!
Especially if  them and their parents finishes their late afternoon shopping
just before dinner time, that boys reaches the climax of wanting icecream
let me tell ya!
So one day you  had more than enough of this!
So after getting permission from the moms you engage in a bop it  style game
where you give all the wining boys a hiding they will not forget in aeons
of time!
Hear a boy in the left, press  left, hear a boy in the middle press up
arrow, in the right press right arrow.
The only difference is: you have to listen vary carefully.
If a boy moans,  hit shift followed by the respective  arrow key.
If he wines,  hit control followed by the respective arrow key.
If he scream, do it with alt.
If he cries, then do it with the logo key.
And finally if he sobs, then do it with the spacebar.
Each time you hit one of these keys followed by the respective arrow, your
character will give the respective boy a hiding lasting 20 seconds he will
not forget in aeons of time!
Ah,  ice cream!
Can make a boy go mad!   

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