oh... my friend has that problem about way too many cd's. I think he had to use some sort of rope to not crash his 100 cd stack because he was removing something. ----- Original Message ----- From: "shaun everiss" <sm.ever...@gmail.com>
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And on the subject of game systems its interesting to note that the sighted gamers out there are not just happy with one console or 2.
My cousin has a psp a ps1 ps2 actually 2 ps2's a ps3, and an xbox 360.

ONe of my friends has the  following
a ps1 a ps2, a ps3, a psp
nentendo game cube
nentendo x64
a super nentendo
a nentendo
a wie
a ipod and iphone.
all of the sega consoles from dreamcast to genisus and mastersystem.
about 10 computers, both pc and mac from various eras, etc.
I guess I could say I have about 6-7 myself maybe 10.
one is soled, 2 are broken.
2 I maintain for other family.
my dad and brother have one each and I have my laptop.
Still I don't know how they afford it all, ebay probably but still.
No wander the sighted worry about having to much junk.
In my friend's case he has a room dedicated to this stuff.
It seems funny sometimes.
If you have every console on the market with say about 100 games for each or whatever.
how the  heck are you supposed to figure out what to play.
I also don't know how one can have teatering stacks of cds and stuff so full that one movement in any direction results in things dropping like a miniture avelanch. At 12:10 a.m. 4/03/2011, you wrote:

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