your father has  been building this industry for over 30 years now. mister 
pizza's pizza house. a high-scale international pizza company serving from poor 
countries such as Africa or India, to the remotest of places such as  
Antarctica  or military submarines, even 500ft in the deeps of the black, 
watery oceans.
Of course, as all fathers eventually do, he died. and guess what. yup, you have 
to take over!
Your job first of all is to take  calls with orders. then you have to do all 
the math, exchange rates or what ever or pay from your giant funds for the 
poor. Then you actually have to prepare the pizza. first of all you will need 
to catch the stuff required, such as bolls, cups, forks and cardboard boxes. 
you center them in the stereo field, then when they're in reach press control 
to catch them. Then quickly move over to the counter and hit shift to put it 
down. of course, don't drop them. you'll be in trouble if you do. Then you need 
to take the ingredients and mix them. you can hit tab to cycle between the 
ingredient bank and the boll. then you need to bake the pizza just right. and 
then it's  off to deliver it. 
First of all you'll get in the car. you will be racing against fake deliverers, 
and if they arrive first, they'll prove to your clients that the pizza failed 
to be baked and cause you to lose cash and time. as you continue you will hear 
your co-pilot announce the turns.  just not crash...
Then it all depends what's next. you may need to fly a plane. In that case you 
will be flying an f16pzz, a modified f16 fighter, altered especially for pizza 
delivery with on-board heating, soss rays and defensive plating. just don't get 
shot down by the  fake deliverers.
Finally you may need to go down in a submarine. In which case you'll be 
on-board the lone meatball. you need to get to 500 feet without crashing into 
icebergs, tripping minefields or being sank by the fake deliverers. yes, 
they're that annoying. Yes, you do have torpedoes... meat torpedoes that are 
propelled by 2 airbags which expel air at an incredible rate.
Finally when you get to your client you will first be put in a side-scrolling 
environment. walk right, jump fences, climb letters, and get hungry dogs and 
cats out of your way with your water, urn, soss gun.
And finally you will be in a 3d-environment. just find the right person, and 
press enter to deliver your pizza. now it's all of that again, now in reverse 
to get back to your pizza house. and it all starts again... but harder.
the game will retail for a 10-inch pizza and will run on any computer or mobile 
device with 600mb on its primary storage and 128mb of ram. this includes 
iPhones, symbian phones, and other computers running mac OS, windows and linux.
Peter Mahach
skype (not very often): pitermach

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