"Hey dude, what you doin? Wts up?" You start to walk down the street with your 
friends. But suddenly, five people take out your friends. They tackle you down 
and your superman clothes are taken off you, a long with the rest of your 
clothing. So, you swing down a haymaker punch at one of the gangsters, making 
them collapse. You grab a stun gun from the fallen man and begin firing 
stunning needles everyware.
Objective and boss:
In this game, your required to take down the gang members. They could dodge 
your needles, but you have to be quick at stunning them. They will try to throw 
stunners at you, but you have to dodge. Then when you take them out the boss 
comes, stamping on the stun gun. You have to fight the boss with several types 
of hits. Jab, cross, hook, uppercut, haymaker, roundhouse kick, hook kick, axe 
kick and spin kick. You have to dodge the bosses hits and when he is down, you 
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