This is an exciting new turn based stratogy game played on a modern computer, 
in which you command such powerful units as text E-mails, html E-mails and 
twitter clients across a square map of millions of participants. 

The basic principle of the game is to come up with as many convincing game 
ideas as possible. The more people's attention you capture, the greater 
resources of snideness, overconfidence and general smarm you have. You can then 
channel these resources back into generating more vital units which can be used 
to capture more people's imagination with whacky game ideas. 

Which stratogy to follow? Will you opt for a costly but wild idea which is 
likely to sound impressive but be totally implausable? or will you go for a 
realistic idea which is more likely to capture more hard core teretory, but be 
less appealing in power of persuasion. 

this game can be played online, any time, against hundreds of opponents on the 
audeasy list, and leader boards will be held for those who manage to convince 
most people and gain the largest amount of "is this a real game?" responses. 

Best of all you can play on a wide variety of user created idiological maps. 

the wished for beat em up, the impressive rpg, the whacky arcade game, the user 
in put engine, and the formidable sounding plot monster rpg! 

Can you convince the maximum amount of people that many games are really in the 
works? or will you be found out for the fraud you are! 

Time of deciet is not in developement, and will absolutely, positively and 
completely never be available from such great accessible game developers as u n 
interactive, n o t games, braingonesoft, and lackof 

News of time of deciet's release will also be reported via and 
links will be posted on the list of unavailable games over at p i s 

Beware the grue! 


Ps: sorry phil, no offense meant, but in mangling website names that one was 
just too good to pass up. 
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