I definitely agree. Just look at the BGT manual. Besides the audio
version being huge it is pretty much impossible to find anything you
want in a hurry. However, using a standard chm file, html format, or
one written in XML docbook it would be extremely easy to find what you
are looking for by traveling directly to the section/subsection where
the information is. The only thing audio books/manuals are good for is
if you want to listen to something for the first time, but after that
they are pretty much useless as a reference guide/source for looking
anything up.

For instance, when I was still in college I had the option to have my
books read to me on tape or to have them scanned to text files. My
first quarter I opted to have them read to me on tape thinking that
would be the best way to go. What I soon discovered is it made my job
several times harder  because after I read the chapters once through,
and then wanted to take notes I had to fast forward and rewind trying
to find the information I wanted. Often times it was just quicker to
listen to it pause the tape, take notes, as I was reading the chapter
so I'd never have to look up the info again from the actual book. My
second quarter I opted to have all of my books scanned and saved as MS
Word doc files. Besides being much more portible I could insert
markers in the text to jump to areas of interest, I could copy the
text of the information directly into my notes, and using find and
replace made it easy to search for anything I was looking for in a
hurry. So my experience with audio books/manuals is that beyond
leasure reading they aren't worth much as a resource.


On 3/15/11, Hayden Presley <hdpres...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Audio manuals? Those are a pain. If they aren't marked up correctly you'd
> spend hours trying to find that little snippet of info you're looking for.
> Plus--they're quite a bit bigge then chm, htm, txt, doc, and any other fiels
> of that type you could mention.
> Best Regards,
> Hayden

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