Hi Dark,

The enemies, or creatures in this case since the ones I have so far are just animals, do not have multiple types of attacks. I can give my characters any type of weapon, however, and they will adjust their tactics based on how they are armed. If a character has a knife, for instance, he will try to get close to you for obvious reasons where as if he has a rifle, he might try to avoid you and fire from a distance. This is still considerably better than a game such as Q9, and is part of the artificial intelligence features I mentioned. I am not a great fan of all these multiple attack type senarios because they tend to confuse me a great deal trying to remember how to perform certain moves etc. That detracts just as much from the over-all gaming experience for me as solving mazes does.

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Philip Bennefall
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Hi Philip.

this ai business sounds interesting certainly and I have seen occasions in
mainstream games where certain enemies used tactics based on the players'
actions and thus fought semi inteligently even going back to the nes era.

however, what I've tended to find in audio games is that the enemy's lack of
interest isn't due to their tactics, so much as the games' essential lack of
spacial dimention, and the fact that most audio game 2D enemies have one,
and only one form of attack, namely hitting your character when he/she is

In a mainstream game though, the fact that a, the terrain and b, the spacial
dimentions of the game are more in evidence means that even generic search
and destroy enemies are far more interesting.

Take mario as an example. You have red cooper troopers which walk up and
down on one ledge, and green ones which fall off ledges.

This means, if your standing underneath a ledge with a cooper trooper on it,
you must take into account which sort it is and adjust your tactics
accordingly, ie, if it is green, wait for it to fall and then either avoid
or kill it, where as if it is red, you'll need to wait for it to move away
from the edge of the ledge before jumping up to deal with it.

And this is even before we get onto subjects like firing bullits which may
be jumped, ducked or only catch you while airborn, blocking your path,
attacking in the air or on the ground, having some sort of shield against
your attacks etc.

While the alteration of the ai sounds fun, I'd myself prefer to see some
alteration in attacks to make fighting enemies more interesting.

This of course also goes right along with analogue jumps and altering
distances, especially when your talking about enemies patrolling a certain
area or firing in the air, --- -for instance having to time your jump across
a pit when an enemy isn't shooting at you, or waiting for an enemy to
retreat from across the other side of a pit before jumping over.

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