Hi Ken,

Sigh...When it comes to voice acting I'm quite frankly extremely picky
how it sounds. Especially, if we are talking well established
characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. Understand I'm
not so much against having people volunteer for voice acting if they
can do it, but I'll say from the start muy personal standards are
extremely high.

For instance, if they are going to record some voice acting I'd expect
them to use a decent mic, have very little to no background noise, no
hiss, etc. What I want/expect for a decent production is a nice crisp
clean recording so we don't have to try and edit all that out in post
production. Certainly I think you can understand that.

Then, there has to be the right voice for the job so to speak. A young
teenage female actress might sound alright for Wonder Girl or
Supergirl, but would sound too young for Wonder Woman who has a strong
womanly voice. Diddo for Hawkgirl who also would have a middle aged
female voice. When it comes to say Superman you definitely need a
strong male voice, perhaps around age 35, to sound right. You don't
want Superman sounding like a 15 year old kid. Lol!

Anyway, I wouldn't be that strongly aposed to it if we were talking a
real time action/adventure game, but that's not at all what I'm
thinking of. I'm thinking of a simple text-based gamebook type system
that is similar too the RPG books where you pick a character, a game
story, and then play through it as the story progresses.  Think of it
in terms of the old choose your own adventure books that were out in
the 80's only with a lot more randomess and ability to increase your
skills, powers, etc as you progress. Things like cut scenes etc is
absolutely unnecessary here. Not if we are talking a gamebook style

The thing is I'm not sure why, but ever since games like Entombed have
come out when you mention RPG game everybody starts asking for voice
acting, music, sounds, whatever. Why can't a game just be a simple
text-based gamebook system? Why must it become some 100,000 line
monster with sounds, music, etc when text-based gamebooks can be just
as equally fun?

The reason I'm asking this is because I'm still a fan of text
adventure games like Zork, Wishbringer, etc. Just because they don't
have killer graphics, sounds, and music doesn't make them one bit less
fun to play. I was a Sryth guild member for two years and I played the
game constantly and Srith is nothing more than a bunch of html and
scripts. The fact that the game is completely text-based doesn't seam
to bother me. I'd like someone to explain to me why everything has to
be high-tech. Don't you guys believe that a text-based game can be
fun, or does it only become fun once you have 7.5 GB of sounds and


On 3/21/11, Ken the Crazy <kenwdow...@neo.rr.com> wrote:
> Hey Tom,
> First, you say that acting would cost too much money--but I find that there
> are a lot of ham actors on list.  I have heard many people claim to be
> willing to do voice-overs.  Many of these same people are the ones that want
> a community project, so why not let them shine?  The same can be said for
> sound design.  I don't see having to pay much money for anything personally.
> A text game with audio sounds different.  I would be interested in that,
> because it would have a better story line and everything--and you could, as
> you said, do audio mainly for the ambience, with maybe some cut scenes
> thrown in.
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