For my fellow blind gamers and flight simulator friends.
Please read the info that is down below.
I would like to know if we might be able to use this new technology with our 
hand to ear games and or to the flight simulators to bring thim to life.
We also probably could use it with the wii interface to make it more blind 
Here's to maybe to bring the virtual reality games into the world of blind 
Will deeply appreciate any feedback on this since I need to find a new USB 
controller that will work with the H to E games and TDV but also work in the 
world of windows seven and the world of the 64 bit processor world.
Now the info is down below.
You all now know as much as I do on the unit.
Just thought I'd share.
Kinect Video game controller acts as sensor in mobility system for
> blind
> The Microsoft Kinect (TM) video game controller is everywhere. I saw a kid
> playing a video game with one at Sam's club yesterday, and was impressed 
> at
> how the avatar on the screen followed the kid's movements as he stood in
> front of the Kinect console. Obviously this nifty device is inspiring some
> new ideas, because a grad student project at Universit├Ąt Konstanz in 
> Germany
> has turned out a really cool wearable navigation system for the blind. The
> Kinect sits atop a hard-hat (extra dorky looking, but it's good because it
> gets the sensor up high and out of the way.) It is connected to a fabric
> belt with several vibrators that are probably used to indicate proximity 
> to
> a wall or solid object, and there is an audible voice indicating
> navigational moves. It's sort of complicated to explain but the YouTube
> video shows it pretty well and the Slashgear article link I'm including 
> does
> an even better job.
> Kinect is a trademark of Microsoft.
> mailto:
> Link to Slash gear article:
> Ron Kolesar

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