Hey Audyssey,

I wanted to let everyone know that Stem Stumper, Ananse Productions' blind
accessible iOS game, is looking for more testers! You don't have to be in
the Boston area this time around. If you have an iOS device and are
interested please email me at kwasi.men...@ananseproductions.com. I've
included instructions below for getting me your UDID.

Even if you don't have an iOS device I'd be more than happy to show the game
to you over food/coffee.



Since Stem Stumper isn't in the App Store yet we need some information about
your iPhones in order to make a build that will run on them, the

If you have email setup on your iPhone the easiest way to get your UDID is
to download the free app Ad Hoc Helper (
http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ad-hoc-helper/id285691333?mt=8) from the app
store. It'll create an email with all the information we need. Send the
email to kwasi.men...@ananseproductions.com and you should be all set!

Otherwise please follow the steps at

Founder, Ananse Productions
"Games for the Rest of Us"
twitter: www.twitter.com/AnanseProds
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