Hi Damien,

Well, unfortunately that's all too true. As many people are apped to
point out there are far too many of that kind of game on the market
already. However, to answer your question directly the storyline and
Christmassy sound effects is the only difference. That in of itself
isn't worth rewriting it in my opinion.

However, I've often felt that you or someone like myself should take a
number of these abandon games, rewrite them as open source projects,
and use them as tools to train new developers how to create games.
Something like Giftenum isn't the worlds greatest game, that's all too
true, but nicely rewritten and used to train developers how to write
free or comercial software makes it more valuable as an example rather
than a game. You see what I mean?

For instance, I thought about taking a game like Tarzan Junior,
wrewriting it in C++, using SDL, and create a simple cross-platform
game that is open source. TJ isn't exactly everyone's favorite game,
its abandonware, but as a free open source project it could give
people an idea how to design a simple side-scroller without
reinventing the wheel so to speak. If we stop thinking of the
marketability of a project and more about its educational value then
something like Giftenum doesn't sound that bad in that light, because
Giftenum is a quick and simple example of a game that can be hammered
out in under a week.


On 3/29/11, Damien Pendleton <dam...@x-sight-interactive.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> How is it different though? I mean, the only difference is in the storyline
> and the Christmassy sound effects. Take that out and you're left with a
> typical Troopanum, Dark Destroyer type theme. You could just as easily say
> those beepings were different alien ships coming to land on you or aircrafts
> coming to attack your base, etc.
> I mean, if you think it is different and will do well with the audiogames
> arena then I will happily redo it, but from the impression I got a couple
> months back when this sort of game was discussed it wasn't everybody's
> favourite.
> I wonder exactly how many people enjoy playing Giftanum as opposed to
> Troopanum, Dark Destroyer, Judgment Day in the "shoot before it lands" type
> of games, and Bobby's Revenge, The Great Toy Robbery, Christmas Whoopass and
> Kringle Crash in the Christmas themed games?
> Regards,
> Damien.

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